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Inventory Guide - Chemicals & Janitorial

IFC Supply's Specialty Chemicals for Your House
Keep this in mind for 'most all' our products:
You can buy by the case or individually, you decide! We don't charge you to break a case!
Packaged: Aerosols - 12 Cans/Cs; Quarts - 12 Qt./Cs; Gallons - 4/CS; 5 Gal. Pails

Product Description Packaged
Active Germicidal all purpose foaming disinfectant cleaner with mildew stat, fresh & clean fragrance Can
Breakaway Chewing gum and wax remover, uses "freezing action" to pop off from carpet, etc. Can
No Haze Glass & all surface cleaner, foams to penetrate film, anti-fogging, for bathroom mirrors Can
Pledges Aid Lemon Oil furniture polish, protects & beautifies. "Like Pledge, but Pledges do the work" Can
Rush Very effective surface disinfectant & deodorant spray, hospital grade, citrus bouquet fragrance Can
Rushee Citrus bouquet odor counteracting 'dry' deodorant spray Can
Bathroom & General Disinfectants
Bid Farewell Instant mildew remover and shower cleaner Qt.
Chapter Fresh Super lemon scented deodorant, disinfectant & detergent mop water cleaner, neutral pH Gal/Pail
Deactivate Clinging toilet bowl, porcelain & shower tile cleaner, phosphoric acid, cherry-almond scent Qt.
Frat-So Liquid creme scouring cleanser with bleach to brighten grout, disinfectant, mint fragrance Qt.
Lemon Legacy Lemon Scented odor counteractant/deodorant Qt.
Retreat Foaming shower & bathroom tile & grout cleaner with mildewstat Qt.
Serenade Premium non-buff, high gloss floor finish that's super non-slip and scuff resistant Gal/Pail
Strip-Ease Easy no-rinse floor stripper Gal/Pail
Wipe Out Carpet & upholstery spot remover Qt.
Heavy-Duty Cleaners and Degreaser
Hi Vis Ammoniated hard surface and window cleaner with anti-fogging & static formula Gal
Preference Super, all-natural foaming orange cleaner & degreaser with pleasant orange, citrus fragrance Qt.
Specialty Products
Blackball Get (ordered) oder out of your house, nice lemon fragrance carpet freshener and absorbent. Great for treating spills such as vomit, urine, & beer (in fraternities, of course) Can
Peek Cleans, polishes, & protects all metals, especially brass! 100 gr. Tube
1,000 gr. Can
Hand-e Our Hand-e antiseptic hand cleaner makes soap type hand cleaner obsolete! It quickly removes soil. Gal
Pak Man Pak Man is our multi-use digester (drain maintainer) and odor counteractant without 3z. Qt.
IFC Supply's Specialty Janitorial Products
Select all the items that you use or need for your house.
Urinal Screens Air Deodorizing Cabinets & Cartridges
Urinal Blocks Super Scent Wick Deodorant & Cabinet
Toilet Bowl Cleaners Hand Soap & Dispensers
Double Duty Scrub Pads & Sponges C-fold Towels (2,400/Cs.)
Iron Style Scrub Brush Bathroom Roll Towels (12/Cs.)
Deck Brush (Shower) Kitchen Roll Towels (30/Cs.)
Mop Heads & Mop Handles Toilet Paper - Reg. (96 Rolls/Cs.)
Mop Buckets & Wringers Toilet Paper - Soft (96 Rolls/Cs.)
Pails, Bottles, & Sprayers Toilet Paper - Jumbo 9" Rolls (12/Cs.)
Push Brooms - Indoor & Outdoor Can Liners - 56 Gal. (Super Strength - 100/Cs.)
32# Warehouse (Corn) Broom Can Liners - 56 Gal. (Reg. Strength - 200/Cs.)
Metal-Tip Broom Handles Vacuum Cleaners
Dust Mop Heads, Frame & Handle Wax Applicator Kits & Refills

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