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Floor Care Guide

Recommended Floor Care Procedures
To achieve optimum appearance and proper film protection for your floor coverings, it is extremely important to use the right equipment for each task. The best floor finishes in the world will look bad and be less likely to hold up if laid with a dirty mop or applied from a bucket that has other chemical residue in it. There are many different kinds of equipment to maintain floors and it is critical that your equipment match the maintenance program you have established.

Floor finish is applied to floor coverings for three reasons:

  1. To protect the floor covering from wear, stains, and daily abuse.
  2. For ease of maintenance, allows spills and normal soil to be easily removed.
  3. Appearance, well maintained floors providing image-enhancing aspect to your house.

Procedure #1, Stripping the floor of any old finishes.

  1. Plan the job and check the area to be stripped outlining what will be needed to totally clean and remove old finish from all areas. Note edges and corners where buildup may have occurred and require extra attention. There are no short cuts in the stripping procedure, when you are finished stripping the floor must be clean and spotless before applying new coats of finish (IFC Supply's SERENADE).
  2. Gather all the necessary equipment for the stripping job and check to insure that all tools are in proper working order.
  3. Remove all furniture, equipment, or free standing items that exist on the area to be stripped. Draw a diagram prior to removal to aid in putting everything back in its proper position when the floor is finished.
  4. Sweep the area (USE IFC Supply's INDOOR PUSH BROOM) if large debris is evident, otherwise a thorough pass with a dust mop (USE IFC Supply's DUST MOP & HANDLE).
  5. Remove stubborn stains (IFC Supply's PREFERENCE-CLEANER/DEGREASER) and chewing gum (IFC Supply's BREAKAWAY), as noted in your pre-inspection, prior to stripping the floor.
  6. Mix your stripping solution according to the manufacturer's directions and apply liberally to the area. Work according your plan for stripping, depending on the number of people in your crew.
  7. The steps for stripping include:
    1. Mixing the stripper (IFC Supply'S RINSE FREE STRIPPER-STRIP EASE).
    2. Applying the stripper.
    3. Letting the stripper sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
    4. Physically agitating the floor with/without a floor machine.
    5. Removal of the stripping slurry
Note: This following step is avoided if you use IFC Supply's Rinse Free Stripper
Procedure #2, Rinsing the floor of any alkaline residue. (Your basic local stripper!)
  1. Pick up al stripping solution with a wet vacuum before laying the rinsing solution down.
  2. Using a rinse mop, dip mop into clean, warm rinse water. Do not ring out the mop. Lay the rinse water over the entire area that was stripped. A neutralizer may be added to the first rinse.
  3. Pick up with wet vacuum or mop.
  4. Apply second rinse using clean wager, pick up with wet vacuum of mop. Be sure to go over the entire area that was rinsed with a well rung out rinse mop to pick up any streaks of footprints.
  5. After the floor has dried from, rinsing, check the floor for any residue of white film This can be dine by wiping your hand over the floor. If a film is still evident then additional rinsing is required-even the world's greatest floor finish will not adhere to a floor covered with an alkaline film.
  6. If IFC Supply's "Rinse Free" stripper is used, a light detail mopping is all that will be required.
  7. Allow the floor to dry fully before applying your first coat of finish.
Procedure #1, Apply floor finish (IFC Supply's SERENADE) with a mop. Always use a clean mop head and mark the mop handle appropriately so that this mop is not used for any other purpose!
  1. Soak mop head in warm water and wring out thoroughly. Water will fill the mop fibers, thus saving finish.
  2. Put a plastic garbage can liner in your mop bucket to assure that your finish will not become contaminated from previous chemicals which may have been used in the mop bucket. This will also assist you in faster cleanup later.
  3. Dip mop in the bucket of finish and tamp the mop head lightly in the wringer. You want the mop to be full of finish but never dripping. A gentle twisting of the mop handle will also cause excess finish to be removed.
  4. Start applying the finish in a corner of the area furthest from your exit point and begin by outlining along baseboards. When doing larger areas where the finish may have an opportunity to dry before you can return for a parallel run - seek to establish an outline that will be consistent with the floor tiles.
  5. Fill in the area between the outlined edges, applying finish with a smooth overlapping stroke. We recommend that all finished be applied in medium to thin coatings. Re-wet the mop with finish (SERENADE) as necessary and make sure that the finish is being applied evenly.
  6. Continue applying finish, covering each area before the adjoining area is dry. A smooth and even application will assure that all the pores in the floor are properly filled for lasting protection.
  7. After the first coat has dried (normally 15 to 25 minutes, but this will depend heavily on the humidity and air flow) apply a second coat in the opposite direction, following the procedure outlined above.
  8. Subsequent coatings should be applied as above. Be sure to allow proper drying time between coats. If multiple coats are to be applied at one time, the first two coats should be applied 6 to 8 inches away from walls, partitions, etc. Successive coats (up to 4 max.) are then applied to the entire floor.
Daily Maintenance
During all daily maintenance procedures it will be important to watch the floor for developing traffic patterns and respond to these situations accordingly.


  1. Sweep the area if large debris is evident, otherwise a thorough pass with a dust mop is recommended to remove dry soil and dirt.
  2. Always use a neutral detergent mixed according to the manufacturer's directions (USE IFC Supply's DISPENSING PUMP WITH 5 GAL. PAIL OF CHAPTER FRESH-1 PUSH PER GALLON OF WATER. PREVENTS POURING WHICH COSTS YOU OTHERWISE DOLLARS A GALLON!) when cleaning highly finished floors Alkaline cleaners can soften, damage and create an unsightly film causing additional maintenance.
  3. When wet mopping a floor it is important to change the mopping solution when visible contamination occurs. There is nothing worse than mopping a floor with dirty water or using a soiled mop head!! Start with clean equipment and be sure to clean it when you are done.
  4. Apply mopping solution liberally (do not flood) allowing the solution to contact the floor for approximately 2-3 minutes and pick-up with mop. Physical agitation with the mop may be necessary in badly soiled areas.
  5. If using an alkaline cleaner, "Rinsing" is required.
Restorative Maintenance
Procedure #1, Top Scrub and Recoat (with a floor machine)
  1. Sweep the area if large debris is evident, otherwise a thorough pass with a dust mop to remove dry soil and dirt.
  2. Depending upon the depth you wish to penetrate into the finish film during the top scrub procedure -use either an all purpose cleaner (IFC Supply's PREFERENCE-FOR DEEPER PENETRATION) or a neutral detergent (IFC Supply's CHAPTER FRESH -FOR LIGHTER PENETRATION) and a red pad for light scrubbing. Always mix IFC Supply's CHEMICALS according to their written directions.
  3. Apply mopping solution liberally (do not flood) allowing the solution to contact the floor for approximately 2-3 minutes and thoroughly scrub using a single disc floor machine.
  4. Pick up solution with mop or wet vacuum. Use IFC Supply's LARGE MOP HEAD with clean water to remove any trail's or footprints.
  5. (Optional) Dry buff the clean floor to knock off any edges and smooth the surface prior to applying a new coat of finish (IFC Supply's SERENADE). This step will enhance the appearance level of the floor noticeably.
  6. Apply one coat of floor finish in the traffic areas as described in the "Applying Floor Finish" procedure. For appearance sake, this coat must be applied evenly and if necessary feathered at the edges. If lines are apparent where new finish has been applied, wait at least one hour and dry buff edges.

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