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About IFC Supply

IFC Supply's Light Bulbs
We at IFC Supply hope in some way that knowing we service Greek Houses from all over the country will inspire you to consider what a difference our line of specialty light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, cleaning chemicals and related products can provide you in saving valuable time, money and hassle. If we were to offer the same things you could buy locally, then why would we spend so much time selling and servicing literally thousands of houses, just like yours? Where do you think all the satisfied directors bought before they bought from us? They are just as concerned about saving money as we're sure you are. Just because you're probably buying locally through your food service, janitorial or discount/warehouse club, doesn't mean you're getting what you really need!

What makes us different is that our products are called "specialty products" because they are focused strictly on the needs, uses and abuses of fraternity and sorority houses. We're not trying to service anybody and everybody with all the same products like you get from your local vendors. Think about it for a moment. The environment of a fraternity or sorority house is much more demanding then that of any other type of business or even, for that matter, the environment of your parents' home. So what's designed to do a decent job there, doesn't mean it's going to do the best job in your house.

The buying and changing of light bulbs is considered by most as trivial. First of all, consider the fact the your members leave lights on most everywhere up to 24 hours a day, all school year. Secondly, the use and abuse in a fraternity and sorority house is extensive, especially when you consider the slamming of doors, stereos blasting and the general rough-housing. All this creates shocks, vibrations and surges in the voltage, shortening the already short life of your local, standard brand light bulbs.

Our long life, energy saving, rough service light bulbs (based on OUR IFC Supply 10.000 hour energy saver vs. your standard 750 to 1,000 hour GE, Sylvania, Phillips or Generic 60, 75, or 100 watt bulb) can save you upwards of $10.00 a socket, after you pay for our bulb! That doesn't even consider the added cost of having to buy, stock, and pay someone to change up to 10 to 13 times as many, as often! That's certainly a savings in your much valuable time, money, budget and hassle.

A major area of concern is maintaining all your exit sign lights. With longer life bulbs in all your exit signs (generally two per sign), you won't be caught off guard the next time you're due for fire inspection. Plus you save the time, hassle and cost of taking the signs apart to change the bulbs more often, let alone finding the right bulbs to fit each of your houses different types of exit signs. We know the proper wattages and sizes thus saving you all that trouble.

Maintaining all of your outdoor flood and security lights is of utmost importance. You're all aware of the importance of keeping your house well lighted to provide better safety to your members and security to your house in general especially when your gone for holidays and vacations. In areas hard to get at, longer life floods prove to be a real blessing.

What about all those decorator bulbs in your chandelier and the globes in the bathrooms around your vanity mirrors. We know from many of you thus a real pain to keep burning. Our longer life brand will certainly make a believer out of you here, too!

You're probably using many four foot fluorescent tubes all around your house. If that's the case, then our longer life, energy-saving tubes can certainly save that big hassle of taking down those fixtures lenses and/or covers and replacing them up to five times as often. What a savings!

IFC Supply's Specialty Cleaning Chemicals
Formulated To Meet the Unique Needs of Fraternity and Sorority Houses Nationwide!

Our line of specialty cleaning chemicals will do wonders for your staff helping keep not just a clean, but a more healthy environment. Our chemicals not only work great, they smell great too. What a terrific combination! The majority of our products are formulated with a nice, light lemon/citrus fragrance, implying 'Fresh-n-Clean'. We stay away from all those bleach, ammonia or heavy chemical, disinfectant cleaner type smells, ...Yuck!! What do you think would have greater appeal to your guests as they walk in for your next all house function, (i. e., Rush, Parents Weekends, Alumni Meetings, or Big Exchange). A nice uniform lemon, citrus fragrance throughout your house or a combination of each of your own product smells, all different and clashing. This creates an overall obnoxious smell! Imagine for a moment, that better formulated, stronger performing, yet environmentally safe-to-use products save many hours in cleaning time and hassles. Ultimately saving more money for your house and your bottom line.

When you need to purchase janitorial supplies, one has to consider their fraternity environment vs. general use environments. This big difference is in the quality we provide that winds up saving your house in less replacements and hassles yielding more money saved! It's all because 'cheap products are weak products', and you need extra-heavy duty strength in your environment!



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